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The Government Is Playing You… And You Don’t Even Realize It!

The truth is, it’s NOT your fault… but it IS your responsibility!

It’s time to face the TRUTH.

The whole “Be a good little boy/girl. Get good grades. Got to college. Find a good job. Put away money into your retirement account and you’ll be just fine.” charade is COLLAPSING right under our noses.

You’ve been lead to believe that happiness and security were waiting for you…if only you did as you were told.

You’ve been told that as long you followed the path society laid out for you, you’d be ok.

You were told that the government would protect you…

That the school system would educate you…

And that your corporate job would take care of you, like you took care of them.

But chances are that’s NOT working out as planned for you…

Surveys show 1 in 3 Americans have NO retirement savings.

Surveys show most Americans don’t have even $1,000 in their bank account.

And this may sound crazy…but surveys show that only 20% of Americans are free of debt.

Horrifying stats yes…but honestly, not surprising.

Not when millions of students nationwide borrow as much as $40K A YEAR with the dream of getting a degree that’s supposed to open doors for them…

Only to face being forced back to their parents’ place, because there just aren’t any jobs for their line of work.

As if that wasn’t enough, it seems like every decent paying job is either being replaced by automation through software or robots…

Or it’s being shipped overseas so companies can save a few dollars on payrolls.

It’s no wonder that a new report from the McKinsey Global Institute titled “Poorer than their Parents: Flat or Falling Incomes in Advanced Economies,” shows a drastic trend in declining incomes for middle class workers.

The report found that as much as 70% of households saw their earnings drop in the past decade.

To put it bluntly: Those who had been taught to expect their wealth to grow as long as they obediently followed society’s path of choice, have learned that this promise is a LIE.

Look the reality is that the ruling minority is interested in having an obedient, loyal workforce practically enslaved by debt.

So if you chose to believe the lie and headed down this dead-end path… it’s NOT your fault. We’ve ALL been played.

But it IS your RESPONSIBILITY to do something about it – and guarantee that you and your family will NOT be played anymore.

The first step is to embrace this truth…and the next step is to get educated on what’s REALLY going on right now.

And today you’re in luck…

Because my friend and mentor David Sharpe just released his newest training video, and it is an ABSOLUTE MUST WATCH if you’re ready to WAKE UP, face the truth and DO something about it:


The best part is that I have the right to give you access to this training for FREE.

Yes, FREE.

All you have to do is tell Dave where to send it to you and you’ll be able to watch it IMMEDIATELY:


Are you ready to make a change?

Then click the link above and get ready to take ACTION!

IM Net Summit Review

IM Net Summit Review

James' Review

Today, I am reviewing IM Net Summit Web Marketing Conference (Coming Live December 6th to 9th, 2016).

It was created by:

See the Promo:


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The first of its kind IM summit

Making money online is changing fast, and if you can’t keep up? Well, let’s just say your online dreams will remain, just that, dreams.

The fact of that matter is that there’s a ton of opportunity for success online.  And, there are some ‘in the ‘know’ who are quietly and strategically, I might add, earning tons of money online, while everyone else chases the next shiny object.

And there’s a reason for this, but if you aren’t ready to shift with the opportunities that are happening right now and in the very near future, then you’re sure to miss out on one of your biggest possible paydays ever.

My Review:

The good thing for you, is that you now have a chance to hear from some of the biggest earners in their field, who have agreed to share all of their secrets in a one of a kind event.  It’s called IM Net Summit.  

Listen very carefully because space is limited, and what you do next will determine whether you join us, or your internet marketing hopes and dreams get left in dreamland.

IM Net Summit takes place December 6-9 mark your calendar now! 

Attend this online event from the comfort of your home, anywhere in the world.  

Check out the Speaker line up and get your tickets here:


This is really an awesome opportunity for anyone trying to break into the IM Marketing business and looking to be FREE of the J.O.B. (just over broke) rat-race they are now in!

This IM NET Summit will help you cut the learning curve down tremendously, because you'll learn from and be inspired by IM Marketing pros who are currently CRUSHING IT!

You owe it to yourself to check this out and get started on the road to real lasting, genuine, life-changing SUCCESS in IM Marketing!

I give the IM NET Summit:


Here are My Special Bonuses (when you grab your IM NET Summit seat through my link)

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