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ScopeLeads Review

Today, I am reviewing ScopeLeads, Intelligent Lead Management System. It was created by the “Traveling SEO Guy” Lior Ohayon. He makes his living (and a very lucrative one at that), doing professional services SEO for businesses all around the world.

He created ScopeLeads to help business people like you and me to have a more efficient, intelligent and easier way to find new prospect leads that we then can turn into paying customers.

So let’s talk about the features. 
Here’s what you get: 

– Targeted search algorithms: find leads in need of SEO, social media and mobile 


– Unlimited searches and campaigns: there’s no caps. Whatever you want to do, however big you want to go, ScopeLeads won’t stand in your way.

– Personalized e-mail marketing: send out automated marketing e-mails to immediately connect with your new prospects.

– Connect, track and close with the ScopeLeads CRM: see at a glance how many e-mails you’ve sent, how many have been opened and what links have been clicked.

– Clean, powerful dashboard: Track everything from a single screen and see the state of your business instantly.

– Easy data export: export all your client and lead data to CSV, letting you easily transition between online and physical marketing, plus keeping your leads safe. 

– Location-specific results: You can tell ScopeLeads to only find leads in a set geographical area, so if you want to restrict your searches toy our home state or 

town, you can. 

See it all in action in the video here: 

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Pretty Neat, huh?

Let’s face it – in the age of Google, finding leads isn’t that hard. 

Finding leads who actually need your services is the trick. 

Stop trying to get *more* leads. What you need is BETTER leads. 

(And preferably, MORE better leads) 

You need leads that are qualified. Ones where you don’t have to spend ages working them only to find you’re selling ice to eskimos. 

So how do you trawl through all Google’s dirt to find that bit of gold? 

You use ScopeLeads: 


ScopeLeads doesn’t just find you leads. 

It uses a proprietary algorithm to work out which leads actually NEED the services you’re offering. 

And then, it makes it incredibly easy to get in touch and follow up. Simply load up your e-mails and you can let them fly on autopilot. 

Not only that -unlike other lead-finding tools, there’s no caps. You get unlimited searches and unlimited campaigns. 


ScopeLeads is different. 

It’s intelligent. 

It can actually work out which companies want to hear from you, for three different types of service – SEO, Social Media and Mobile. 

And that’s not even mentioning the huge range of follow-up tools ScopeLeads gives you. 

The automatic e-mails. The CRM. The personalised e-mail marketing. 

Have a look at it in action here: 



This is one of the best tools I’ve ever seen for anyone trying to sell to offline business. Use it, and you can: 

– Find the right prospects without any research

– Get financial security: some users charge $1500/month for their services

– Effortlessly track your sales process

– Become an instant authority

– Own a successful business

– Spend more time on what really matters, because it’s a business you can do in your own time and set your own hours.

I know, this all sounds a bit too good to be true. But when you see the video, you’ll see just why I’m so excited:


My Bonuses (When you purchase from my link):


Click here at 11am EDT on Tuesday, August 16th to get an early bird discount on ScopeLeads along with my special bonuses.



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