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InztaZponder Review and Bonuses by James Sancimino

Do you have an Instagram (IG) account?

I do. I have 4!
One of them I use most often.
Why I ask is cuz a fellow IM guy, Mark,
who is also in the same membership I’m in,
John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success,
launched his new product yesterday: Inztazponder.

It’s a new cloud-based app you “plug” into your Instagram account that then
allows you to Post all your Instagram marketing material
(and any post, really) direct from your PC to IG.
Plus, you can send messages to IG users on complete autopilot.
It also helps you grow your audience organically.
He has been using it for some time now with pretty decent results.

You can see some of that here. 

👀 So, I was asked to review the main product for Inztazponder
My full review and video is here:
Inztazponder Review and Bonuses by James Sancimino

I like this product a lot, as you’ll see…
in my review link above
One thing I think might be a bit of a problem.
If a person is not too tech savvy, they’ll possibly have
a rough go of it at the beginning, as they learn the app.

Hey BEFORE leave this post, though.

My friend has ALREADY covered that problem!
He offers a DFY (Done for You) package upgrade!
This way you get to benefit by skipping all
the creating and just can jump in on the fun.

In other words.

“Access 365 Days of High Converting DONE FOR YOU
Content So You Can Just Plug It in &
Start Seeing Profits”

👀 Now if that ain’t enough…
Let me sweeten it for you.

I am offering (AS A BONUS)
FREE access to my DFY:
Breakthrough FPT (Facebook Page Traffic) DFY

👀 Get the whole scoop here:
Inztazponder Review and Bonuses by James Sancimino

So, you are getting 2 Done for You Products for the Price of one!

Plus, it gets even better.

👀 Not only can you get this DFY 2 for 1 deal…
You have an opportunity to…
Get his Reseller License Upgrade
(You sell HIS Inztazponder funnel and keep 100% profit)
and I will BONUS you my Breakthrough FPT Reseller access for FREE!!

👀 Of course, I have some great bonuses for you.
when you get the Inztazponder FE (front end) product app

Once again…

Here’s the link :

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